Monday, April 18, 2011

Petroglyphs 2

I enjoyed the petroglyphs so much that I decided to make my own to tell the story of my trip. More symbols will be added when I visit new places.


  1. Where is the symbol for "falls down and hurts arm"?

  2. LOL! I would have put one in if I could think of a symbol for it. (A bandaid???) I didn't put the Grand Canyon in there yet because I couldn't get a simple symbol that was recognizeable. That page is still a work in progress. It was an afterthought, but a good one I think.

  3. This has been such an amazing journey so far! I love the Roz sightings, and that you keep pressing on despite hurting your arm. I really enjoyed my visit to this fantastic site - good to see it through your eyes! ♥ky