Friday, April 8, 2011

Roz Sketches the Condor

"Today I came across an artist named Roz Stendahl, who was sketching one of the famous California Condors who inhabit the park. They are still pretty rare, but they can be seen up on the ledges at the south rim. Roz said that she likes to sketch birds."


  1. I haven't figured out a way to fit Roz in yet! Great idea!

  2. Great journal! Hey I met a flatster once! Billy or bobby- I forget- he lived in Philly and came to cali to visit his uncle and we all took pictures with him at a party!
    Ciao- fellow IFMJ'er

  3. Thanks Jeanette, Denise, Carol and Melinda. It was fun placing Roz in my sketches, and the poses worked out perfectly.